Is the largest music publishing company in the Ukraine. We are the pioneers, innovators and an industry-leading force on the Ukrainian market.
We are a music publisher who cherish more than 20 year of experience and tradition.
UMPG Music catalog includes timeless classic and modern contemporary hits and represent a collection of more than one million copyrights.
For more than two decades, our leadership goal has been the development of the industry, in accordance with international practices and standards, hence a strategic partnership with the world’s largest publishers.

Digital innovation and distribution:

Digital technology has irrevocably changed the world. UMPG Music is a pioneer and innovator on the Ukrainian market committed to the development of new services, platforms and business models, as well as E-commerce and digital content distribution.

Our team of expertise are devoted to deliver best implementation of marketing and promotional campaigns, SMM promotion based on market research and many years of experience in the field of show business; We use all the latest tools and creative approach, both in online (electronic media, social networks, viral marketing), and in offline resources (print media, radio, TV)

Music in TV projects:

UMPG MUSIC actively promotes our extraordinary music catalog for use in movies, television series, television projects, advertising, and provides services for the acquisition of licenses of the foreign copyright holders.


If you are an artist of our label, your legal interests are priority for us. We provide full range of legal support.